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Why We Created Our Tarot Collection

Why We Created Our Tarot Collection

We've been in the studio working hard on our new Tarot Collection. These aren't your typical, generic tarot charms. Each coin is hand poured in Providence, RI in 14kt gold with a delicate etched design inspired by the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot. All of the artwork is an original creation of your’s truly's (that’s us).


But first of all, who are we?

It's possible we haven't been properly introduced.
We are Erin + M! Co-Owners of Brave Daughters: sparkly + sustainable fine jewelry reminders for magical moments + cosmic connections. We dropped out of the fashion industry a while back to create slower, more meaningful objects for people who put connection over consumerism.



   We've created this new collection with

3 BIG IDEAS in mind.

Sustainability.  Design.   Intention.


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But Y Tho? 


Sustainability: We both (Erin + M) have backgrounds in fashion jewelry design. Overproduction, short lead times and ever multiplying fashion seasons burned us out.  We ran for the hills determined to create beauty on our own terms. Our new collection is solid 14kt gold, which means it’s going to last forever. It will never tarnish or turn your skin. We also are only producing enough pieces as we have sold. That means when you order a piece it is getting made here in Providence, RI from scratch, just for you.

Beauty:  Tarot jewelry is not a reinvention. We’ve seen a lot of tarot jewelry collections in our travels, but ours stands out in the we have created our own artwork inspired by each of the archetypes. No chunky, metal Rider Waite Coleman Smith tarot cards around your neck.  Our collection is thin and delicate and easy to layer in with your other jewelry or add into your existing collected talismans.

Intention: This is our favorite reason for creating this collection. We believe in objects as reminders: symbols to your subconscious mind of the energy you are calling in.  Each one of these coins worn on the body is a delicate memory.  Of where you are at, what you’ve endured, and your personal strength and power.



   Remember y'all, Wear Your Magic!