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The cards of the major arcana denote major events and big themes in the course of one’s life. We’ve created our 14kt gold tarot charm collection as a reminder of your strength, power, and the energy you are calling in.   

Wear Your Magic!

If you’re resonating with The Death card energy, chances are you are wrapping up a chapter of life and ready to start something fresh. The Death card is all about shedding layers and preparing for transformation.  We are behind the scenes cheering you on in this uncomfortable moment when change is just around the corner.


 Celebrity Archetype:

Rihanna-Temptress of Transformation

    Death is a moment of transformation before a new beginning takes place. -BD    

3 Main Characteristics of the Archetype:
Transformation, Closure, End of an Era

(think burn it down energy)


Want more Death energy in your life?
Click the photo below to listen to our Death Playlist on Spotify.