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Wear Your Magic!

Wear Your Magic!

What do we mean by this trope we have on repeat?

 “Wear Your Magic” is a sentiment dear to our hearts, actually.

     We believe in the power of object, storytelling and intention. In combination these 3 things create a trifecta of power, instilling everyday items with magic capable of bringing you closer to a goal, objective or state of mind. Your jewelry becomes a symbol to your subconscious mind about what you are calling in, which works out perfectly because the subconscious speaks in the language of symbols.

Object, Storytelling and Intention are the foundation for our Whenever, Forever and Tarot jewelry collections.

A ritual for your intentional jewelry: 

Cleansing: smoke, water, fire, earth. Which earth energy most matches with what your magical piece will call in? Match the energy you are calling in to an energy of one of the 4 elements and choose that for cleansing your piece.

  • Air energy: You probably have something perfectly good at home already for a smoke cleansing if you are choosing this ritual for yourself. Pass your piece quickly through some smoke.
  • Water energy: Bring your piece to some running water, bonus points if it’s someplace that you hold dear. Hold your piece in the moving water.
  • Fire energy: Pass your piece through a candle flame or match. Do this quickly and we do not recommend this for soft stones like pearl and opal.
  • Earth energy: Bury your piece in the earth in place that you hold dear or that carries the energy you are calling in.  Place in a soft bags that will not allow dirt to get into your jewelry piece. Mark the earth so you can find it later!       

Consecrating: fancy word for blessing your jewelry for its magical purpose. This can be as simple as saying some meaningful words over your piece, and setting the intention. Once your piece is consecrated it is sacred and should be treated as such!  

Charging:  What does this “future you” feel like? Raise your energy up to that level and instill this emotion into your jewelry while holding it in your hands. Visualize your jewelry holding and keeping this energy and being a talisman for your desired goal. Consider your jewelry charged.