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The cards of the major arcana denote major events and big themes in the course of one’s life. We’ve created our 14kt gold tarot charm collection as a reminder of your strength, power, and the energy you are calling in.   

Wear Your Magic!

If you’re resonating with Fool energy, chances are you’re ready to take a big leap into the unknown.  The Fool is all about new beginnings, curiosity, and adventure. We are behind the scenes cheering you on to bet on yourself, embrace the unknown, and trust that the way will make itself known to you.

 Celebrity Archetype:

Madonna- the queen of reinvention

    The Fool is filled with curiosity and up for any adventure. -BD    

3 Main Characteristics of the Archetype:
New Beginnings, Curiousity, Adventure

(Think go big or go home)