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BD Energy Report: Self Care Summer

BD Energy Report: Self Care Summer


This month we are celebrating the abundance and leisure of the Empress.
Think Hot Girl Summer, but for the grown and sexy.  

July’s Tarot Pull: 

When power is abused, how do you react? The reverse Emperor signals a time to reflect on your relationship to/with authority. As the country has overstepped the boundaries on bodies, how will you react? What do you do now, as the burn out is real, to continue to stand up and use your OWN authority? If you feel empowered, how do you share that with others and help lift up your community.

First, The Hermit fell from the deck. You are being called to solitude + reflection in order to recharge. Focus on being there for yourself, put your “own mask on” first and practice solitude. You do not need a whole plan of self-care, just spending time alone to see what your inner light reveals, is enough.

After some time alone time to reflection what is next, the Page of Wands encourages you to map out what to do with your restless energy! How can you organize so your voice is heard? Remember to be patient with yourself as you are learning how to navigate authority over yourself, there are countless ways to be witnessed- try many on to see what works for you.

Lastly, community is key. Three of cups reminds you to gather with your loved one, chosen family + friends and support one another. Collaborate and band together with your connections. Communicate your needs, show up for others and remind yourself you are loved and held even when outside forces bear down on you. Now is the time to choose how you will react and have authority + sovereignty over yourself.



Tarot Archetype: The Empress


The Empress is all about generosity, beauty, BIG maximalist-vibes.


July Gemstone Correspondence: Dirty Diamonds

  Energy: Commitment, Integrity, Authenticity

Astrological Correspondence: Sun

Birthstone: April

Tarot Correspondence: The Empress




Remember y'all, Wear Your Magic!