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Permission to Buy Your Own Tarot Deck

Permission to Buy Your Own Tarot Deck

We've all the heard the old trope "you shouldn't buy your own tarot deck".

Well, we call bullshit on that, and here's why.
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"For those of us old school souls, we grew up hearing the little rumor that tarot newbies must be given their first deck. This is unfounded and untrue; in fact, you SHOULD buy your first deck (or any thereafter). Learning with your deck is the foundation of your practice and it is essential you resonate with the feel, artwork/illustrations, and the learning style of the deck. For example, do you want a deck more open to personal interpretation? Traditional or oracle decks? Take your time and go through the process of choosing mindfully.

It's also totally fine if you don't get into tarot until someone gives you a deck. Getting a new tarot deck from your friends + fam is never a bad thing, regardless of where you are in your practice. So, buy for yourself + buy for your buds, just enjoy exploring tarot."