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A Close Look at Our Custom Fine Jewelry Process

A Close Look at Our Custom Fine Jewelry Process

Custom jewelry allows individuals to express their identity in a way that goes above trends. Whether it's a symbol of self-love, a symbol for a lifelong bond, or a reminder of a cherished memory, custom jewelry lets creativity and personality show and there is something so empowering about wearing a custom piece!

The process also fosters a sense of connection and collaboration between the client and the artist, so we sat down to talk to our resident jewelry designer, Margaret! She gave us some insight into the custom jewelry process and how you can bring your imagination to life and create a treasure that's custom to you. 

What types of customizations do you do? What occasions are popular?
Most of our customizations are for unique, one-of-a-kind, rings for engagements or just because! Heirloom stones are often repurposed from a client's existing jewelry collection that has been gifted or passed on to them by loved ones, making it an extra special piece to work on. We have also created wedding bands, push presents for new moms, bracelets, and pendants!

How do you typically start the custom jewelry design process?
When someone reaches out to us to create a custom piece we ask a few preliminary questions to get a good idea of what they would like to create such as their timeline, budget, and if they would like to repurpose heirloom stones in their new design. We also ask that they share any inspirational images or photos of elements they would like incorporated into their new design. Once we establish these fundamentals we often meet virtually or in person to discuss the project further and make sure we are on the same page! 

What are some ways clients have conveyed their ideas and inspirations for a custom piece?
Our client will typically share images of inspiration featuring design elements they would like incorporated into their new piece whether it's from Pinterest, Etsy, a Brand's website, or a rough sketch. It is important to note that all shared images are used for inspiration only! We support fellow designers and are never looking to copy anyone!

What is a broad version of the stages you go through creating a custom piece stemming from a client’s ideas?
Once we have established what the client wants to create we get to work on sourcing stones if needed and designing! We typically like to create 4-6 designs based on the client's direction through the use of Adobe Illustrator and CAD. Once these designs are complete the client can choose their favorite or tweak any of the designs to fit their vision. Once fully approved we start the production process which requires the involvement of multiple artisans to bring the project to life!

Are there any design styles you/BD specialize(s) in? 
We specialize in Custom Jewelry! Our main objective is to create meaningful fine jewelry that tells your story. If you have an idea that you would like to execute, the sky's the limit as far as we are concerned!

Can you describe the end result, what has been your favorite piece?Repurposing heirloom stones is always a privilege as we are able to become a part of its story by creating a new piece of jewelry to honor its history. It is hard to choose a favorite custom piece as each project is steeped in meaning for us and each one of our clients.