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Why We Love Our Tanzanite Gemstone

Why We Love Our Tanzanite Gemstone

If you are ever looking for a source of good energy in your life the Tanzanite gemstone is a great addition! It is viewed as a transformative gemstone, with benefits as notable as its beautiful colors.

Here are some reasons we love it: 

Tanzanite is correlated with tranquility and is said to give off a soothing presence in dynamic ways, from intuition to bodily balance. 

You can find the gemstone in the most beautiful colors, our team is obsessed!  When viewed from different directions, the gemstone can be different hues of purples and strong blues, and sometimes with grey and bronze colors mixed in. Adding tanzanite can add glamor to any piece just from its color! 

The tanzanite gemstone and white gold chain options can complement each other very well, but the styling options are almost endless. Visit one of our studios to create your perfect Tanzanite piece.