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Reintroducing Our Gemstone Collection

Reintroducing Our Gemstone Collection

We’re reintroducing some of our star players! 

Salt-n-Pepper Diamond
: our salt-n-pepper diamonds have distinctive inclusion patterns causing an interplay of light and shadow - black and white. This gemstone has a very classic yet smoky look, such beauty! 

Style it with a gold piece for that classic look, white gold for a regal touch, or rose gold for a vintage look. We carry smaller cuts of this gemstone, the thin helix would be a great pairing with the diamond, and add a corresponding motif if you don’t want to wear it alone!

Moonstone: our moonstone gemstone comes in a cloudy bluish-white color some more opaque than others. The gemstone has an almost mystical charm with its color that reflects the shimmering light of a moonlit sky. If you’re into more simple colors and silhouettes, a moonstone can complement you perfectly.

Pair it with a thicker chain to balance it out, white gold to bring out cooler hues (light blue, silver, gray), and yellow gold for warmer hues (yellow, amber). A necklace or bangle bracelet with an inlay can also create a simple, yet impactful, look.

Ruby Trillion: the ruby trillion is a firey piece with a vibrant crimson hue. It is said to symbolize love, passion, and vitality. We love its bold look and how it commands attention whether on a ring, bracelet, anklet, or necklace! The trillion-cut gem gives the perfect blend of class and edge.

Green Onyx: our green onyx gemstone has the lush vibrancy of nature green, the green onyx has been used as an ornamental gemstone and pairs well with a yellow gold or white gold piece

And our new additions! 

Amethyst: our amethysts come in the beautiful colors of purple, such as violet, heather, and eggplant. If you’re looking for some color during the warm seasons you could pair this gemstone with citrine, freshwater pearls, opal, or sapphire.

Tanzanite: our tanzanite gemstones come in different hues like lilac and lavender mixed with tints of a greyish hue. Its oval cut would look beautiful with our 14K yellow gold solid bangle, or you can pick a chain you love and compliment it with a tanzanite gemstone and pair it with a beaded bracelet!