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3 Ways To Get Zapped With Mom

3 Ways To Get Zapped With Mom

Celebrate this Mother's Day with a ZAP!

Come visit a studio to customize Forever Jewelry with mom, grandma, or the aunt that treats you like her own. Choose matching bracelets or curate charms that compliment each other. Already have a chain? We can add to it! 

mom and daughter

1. Compliment Each Other

Just like our personalities, let your chains + charms compliment one another! Zap on our 14k Motif Charms. Try a White Gold star for yourself and a Yellow Gold Crescent Moon Charm for mom. Need inspo? Read our post about adding charms and styling gemstones!

2. Perfect Match

Are you and mom one-in-the-same? Stay connected by wearing the same chain! Zap on our NEW 14k Twinkle Heart Charm + our Freshwater Pearl makes a great pairing. 

3. Make It Meaningful

Use our 14k Birthstones & Initial Charms to celebrate your love + connection. Zap on each other's Birthstones or just whichever stone is calling your name!


We can't wait to see what you come up with!