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The New Twinkle Heart Charm

The New Twinkle Heart Charm

Brave Daughters jewelry designer, Margaret, created the special Twinkle Heart Charm in honor of Mother's Day. 

The 14k solid gold Twinkle Heart Charm features a genuine diamond set in a twinkle engraving. Nothing shines as bright as our love for moms, grandmas, & mentors, but this charm is a close second!

Read about Margaret's inspiration in our interview below.

twinkle heart charm_gold fill

What was the inspiration behind the design of this charm? 

This sweet little Heart charm was designed with the sacred bond between mother and child in mind. Moms of all kinds are often the heart of a family and each child is a little burst of love and light nestled in the heart of each mom forever. A small diamond is set in the center of each charm with a surrounding starburst to give it that little extra something special, making it perfect for any Mom.

How would you style & pair this charm, and why? 

"This Heart charm nested in a Thin Helix Bracelet would be perfect! I personally LOVE our Thin Helix chain because it is so sparkly it will really make the center diamond pop! 

I love a good Bracelet stack! Pairing your new Thin Helix Heart charm bracelet with a Paperclip bracelet would be the sweetest stack! Take it to the next level by adding one of our Birthstones (or two or three)!"

What is your favorite part of this design? 

"My favorite part of this design has to be the Starburst detail! It perfectly accentuates the center diamond and celebrates the cosmic connection between moms and their babies!"