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The Two-Tone Edit

The Two-Tone Edit

As summer settles in, it’s time to explore summer trends! This year, we’re eyeing Mixed Metals & Two-Tone Jewelry. You can create your version of a two-tone look easily with our Forever Jewelry chains and 14k charms & gemstones. After dropping our White Gold collection, there are infinite possibilities for mixing! Book an appointment to see all your options and even consult with your welder. 

two tone inspiration

Traditional two-tone: Mix any two of the same or different chain by welding both White & Yellow Gold. 

Mixed Charms: Try adding a Yellow Gold birthstone, initial, or gemstone to a White Gold chain, and vice versa! Create contrast with our new Twinkle Heart Charm by getting the opposite chain metal. Explore more ways to add charms here.

Warm tones only: Zap on both 14k Rose & Yellow Gold to reflect the warmth this summer. Rose & Yellow Gold can also compliment warm skin undertones, whereas Silver & White Gold compliments cooler skin undertones. 

Opt for balance & visual interest: Wear a similar amount of each metal evenly throughout the look. This goes for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Try different combinations with rings and layer necklaces of differing lengths.