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Zodiac Charm Collection

Zodiac Charm Collection

We’re so excited to announce our NEW collection: the Zodiac Charms! Crafted in 14k solid yellow & white gold and featuring a nested design within your chain. Wear your sign on your sleeve! (or ankle, or finger, or neck!).

Read below to find what your Zodiac Sign is and what qualities they represent.

Zodiac Collection

After multiple requests from our studio guests, we are launching another nested charm. So, instead of dangling like our 14k initial, motif, & birthstone charms, they lay in between two chain ends for a seamless (and tangle-less) look.

Be proud of your astrology & personality by zapping one of the cutest charms for the summer! The Zodiac Charms pair beautifully with our 14k birthstones, initials, gemstones, and motifs. Create a match to make your bracelet, anklet, necklace, or ring personal to you. The signs can also celebrate an important person in your life; a meaningful piece that stays with you forever.

Visit our Boston, Massachusetts & Providence, Rhode Island studios to explore your permanent jewelry options and zap them to life!

Zodiac Signs, constellations, birth dates, & qualities:

Aries (Ram), March 21–April 19: Courage. Dives into new challenges.
Taurus (Bull), April 20–May 20: Stable. A dependable friend that you can lean on.
Gemini (Twins), May 21–June 21: Outgoing. Playful yet sensitive.
Cancer (Crab), June 22–July 22: Loyal. Warm and nurturing, offers a sense of belonging.
Leo (Lion), July 23–August 22: Confidence. Unwavering determination.
Virgo (Virgin), August 23–September 22: Perfectionism. Meticulous and detail-oriented.
Libra (Balance), September 23–October 23: Balance. Carries a sense of fairness & justice.
Scorpio (Scorpion), October 24–November 21: Passionate. Intimate & mysterious.
Sagittarius (Archer), November 22–December 21: Spontaneous. A wandering spirit and nonconformist.
Capricorn (Goat), December 22–January 19: Consistent. Methodical, practical, and determined.
Aquarius (Water Bearer), January 20–February 18: Philosophical. Analytical, innovative, and unique.
Pisces (Fish), February 19–March 20: Romantic. Intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic.