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Style Your Birthchart Bracelet

Style Your Birthchart Bracelet

This week, we really wanted to show different styles using our new zodiac charm collection! One fun way to do so: designing a birthchart bracelet. A birthchart (or natal chart) is a snapshot of the stars based on the exact day, time, and place you were born using NASA data. It shows which houses your zodiac lay in and therefore explains your different personality traits. Our favorite platform for finding this is Co–Star Astrology, who make it super easy-to-use. 


So, before we explore how to design your zodiac jewelry, let’s find your birthchart. After entering your information into Co–Star’s natal chart feature, it’ll display your full birthchart including your “Big 3.” The big 3 are your Sun, Moon, and Rising (ascendent) signs that represent your basic identity, moods & emotions, and first impressions, respectively. Tell any self-renowned astrology geek your big 3, and they’ll already know you pretty well!

Now that you've found the signs you resonate with, decide how to show it 14k solid gold! Check out the inspo below for styles celebrating you or your loved one's zodiac. These guests displayed Mom & Dad’s Zodiac Charms around their Babies’ birthstone charms. Another chose some self love and zapped on her sun sign (Aries!). Next, a couple showed their love by attaching each other’s zodiac signs on matching rings. Finally, you could match your zodiac sign with a birthstone or gemstone. See our Whenever Jewelry to make a perfect pairing. Any design you pick will be totally unique to you, so get creative!

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