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We Made BD Tattoos + Now Make Your Own

We Made BD Tattoos + Now Make Your Own

InkBox's Temporary Tattoos & Tattoo Markers have just arrived at BD! These tattoos are super easy to apply and last longer than traditional temporary tattoos: 1-2 weeks. Each tattoo comes with a primer wipe and an application. Check out their cute, dainty designs like the sun, sparkle, snake, butterflies, lightning bolt, and more. 

Plus, we've even gone and drawn up some Brave Daughters-inspired designs to use with their Tattoo Markers that come with tracing paper. This allows you to draw your own designs and immediately use them as temporary tattoos.

Want to design your own? Before you start sketching, gather some inspiration. Look for images, patterns, or symbols that resonate with you. It could be anything from nature to your favorite movie. Since we're using markers and not a permanent tattoo needle, stick to designs without complex shading. Check out how some of our designs will look in their final result! 

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