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3 Ways to Use PeLo Hair Pins

3 Ways to Use PeLo Hair Pins

Fall accessories have arrived and we're exploring new seasonal trends so you're prepared to be your best autumnal selves! This week, we're highlighting PeLo Modern Hair and their unique brass hair pins (or hair forks). Coming in all styles & shapes, these hair pins are a great way to accessorize in nontraditional ways and prevent the damage caused by pulling on hair ties. Even if you're rolling out to grab your Sunday coffee in sweatpants, these gorgeous pieces will keep you adorned!

PeLo produces these in small batches using traditional metalsmithing and jewelry making techniques ensuring sustainability. Find a few ways to style their pieces with your hair. As always, feel free to experiment and find what works for you and your hair type. Normally, they work best for shoulder length or longer and may not be stable enough for thinning hair. 

hair forks

1. Half Bun

To put your hair fork on full display, try the classic half bun! Take your dry hair (perhaps with an added texturizing spray) and spin the top layer into a bun low or high. Once your hair is completely twisted, stick the fork end of the pin into the area where the end pieces of your hair are in the twist. Weave it back and forth to make sure it stays in place; it may take a few tries. This works with any PeLo products we carry like the Single Pearl Hair Fork or the Super Simple Hair Fork (available in different sizes). 

2. Modern Twist

This works best for thicker hair, hair with texturizing product, or teased hair. Pull the top layer of hair from each side to wrap around the back. Slide in your hair fork from one side of your pulled back hair to the other while going through the flat hair in the back. If your hair pin is curved like PeLo's Balloon Sculpture Fork, make sure the curved side is facing out to follow the contour of your head. 

3. Using a Hair Slide with Stick

This type of hair pin uses an oval base which the hair is slightly pulled through and secured with a stick through the hair on the outside of the oval. This can be used with different types of ponytails or buns! Just hold your pony or bun in place with your oval slide held directly to the side in the same hand. Then push the oval slide over the bun or high point of the pony while using the opposite hand to put the stick through your hair as close to the oval slide as possible. Use PeLo Brass Slide with Pearl Stick for this one.

Now get to experimenting! There are infinite ways to style with hair forks and slides. For a chance to be featured on our website and socials, make sure to tag @bravedaughterspvd when posting your looks.

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