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THE ESTATE COLLECTION: A Conversation with Erin

THE ESTATE COLLECTION: A Conversation with Erin

Today, we're announcing our much anticipated Estate Collection. Our Founder & Creative Director, Erin Myles, has spent months uniquely sourcing these one-of-a-kind jewels for Brave Daughters. We're so excited to offer these stunning lifetime pieces alongside our curated jewelry collections. These adornments are available online & will be featured in our soon-to-open Boston Seaport Studio.

The collection includes Estate Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, & Rings. Items feature solid gold, sapphires, emeralds, malachite, turquoise, diamonds, and more precious gemstones making up striking designs.

Read below to hear our conversation with Erin about how she approaches her Estate buying process and what these pieces represent. 

estate jewelry

Why did you want to expand the Brave Daughters collection to include Estate pieces? What do these pieces convey or communicate for you?

EM: Expanding the BD collection to include estate pieces was always part of the plan. I love jewelry that tells a story, pieces that have lived a previous life and have passed through many hands. Jewelry has the unique power to hold meaning and intention for the wearer and can be passed down to create a whole new center of meaning for the next person. It's why I love jewelry and what makes it so special.

Where are your favorite places to search for these pieces?

EM: I love a good hunt. Antique shows, estate sales, hidden gem shops, ebay...You name it. When I'm traveling I always find the flea market or off-the-beaten-path garage sale and it ties the objects I find to that special moment in time.

What approach do you take to selecting the pieces you'll display at BD's studios? Are you satisfying an emotional need; maybe filling a gap in most people's jewelry boxes?

EM: I try to select pieces that are one-of-a-kind and I know won't be found anywhere else. When the right person sees it, it will fit perfectly into a personal story for them or the person they are gifting for. That's my goal.

What types of pieces do you like to include? How do you see these fitting alongside & styled with our BD designs?

EM: The pieces I include in the collection don't necessarily follow a visual/design trajectory. I choose them based on a little tug they do at my heart. If something feels really special or unique I'll grab it. Our brand emphasizes a "wear everyday" vibe with all of our jewelry, but the way I would pair something together is completely different than the next person. That's a piece of what makes jewelry so personal.

What's your absolute favorite piece(s) that you've found? A.K.A. which ones do you keep for yourself?

EM: Once in a while I will hold on to a piece for myself. I'll let myself keep something I really love when it's tied to a moment I want to celebrate.
I don't resonate with a particular vibe or era of jewelry, just unique pieces that speak to me individually or remind me of something particular that I'm looking to capture in an object.

Thanks, Erin!

We can't wait to see how you style these wonderful pieces, and what part they play in telling your story; and wearing your magic. Slip your favorite Estate Pendant onto a Brave Daughters 14k gold chain necklace. Stack a dainty complementary BD chain ring next to your Onyx Estate Ring. Endless possibilities, endless fun.

Keep an ear our for our Boston Seaport Grand Opening Party coming late October!