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Featured Designer: Freya Rose London

Featured Designer: Freya Rose London

Freya Rose London

This week our eyes are set beyond. To London to be exact. And we are excited to introduce the featured collection from Freya Rose London. Indicated by the quality, from pearl to chain, the focus is on slow fashion to showcase the beauty and intricacy of handcrafted jewelry.

At Brave Daughters, each designer is handpicked for attention to process and detail, and a certain unnamable quality that makes each piece a keepsake and a tangible reminder of a special memory. We love how each brand complements our in-house collection, allowing for layering and stacking. But they're also special enough to be worn on their own, just like BD.

Any option of the Freya Rose London collection could pair nicely with a piece from Brave Daughters.

This collection highlights pearls with pieces including:

Seed pearlsThese are small and seemingly delicate, but actually come together to make a standout piece. If you want the pearls a bit bigger, the rice pearl is another great option!

Baroque pearlsIrregularly and beautifully shaped, these pearls in earring form showcase a fun type of elegance.

You could pair the mini hoops with detachable pearls or freshwater pearls, and coordinated with our freshwater pearl charm on a bracelet or necklace.

pearls by frenya rose london

Styling Ideas
When you’re wearing busy patterns or an embellished look, seek out a piece that complements the outfit instead of competing with it. The thin or thick helix would be a nice addition, or the mini hoops with detachable pearls. Just detach the pearls for that thick gold hoop look.
Pearls can look amazing with diamonds whether ornamenting a stud or a charm and alongside a simple yellow, white, or rose gold forever piece!