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Plan Your Providence Visit

Plan Your Providence Visit
New Harvest Coffee at Farm Fresh: roast boy dark blend is my favorite coffee of all time to brew at home. The Farm Fresh Farmer’s market on Saturday for beautiful local produce and I always stop at the Rocket food truck for a Parisienne burger, decadent.
Fearless Fish Market has fresh, locally caught fish for a cozy dinner at home, cocktails at Courtland Club, live jazz on Sundays!
Easy weeknight dinners at Slow Rhode, the hot chicken is fire!

White Buffalo for some good smelling things for the house, Rocket to Mars for meticulously curated vintage home goods



Always excited to catch a good show at The Columbus, and always interested in what is being curated at Worlds Fair Gallery. Brunch at Troop can’t be beat, especially when it’s partnered with a live DJ set.