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Our Favorite Estate Charms

Our Favorite Estate Charms

Our Estate Collection is finally here and we're so glad to see you loving it! As we told you last week, the Estate Collection is uniquely sourced and features many one-of-a-kind pieces. Most of these are solid gold and feature beautiful gemstones like Malachite, Diamonds, Rubies, etc. Find your next lifetime piece!

To highlight one of the most exciting parts, we're giving you our Top Five Picks of Estate Charms! This whole collection is so special and we want to show you half the story of these unique gems. The other half? That's for you!

These Favorite Picks + the rest of the Estate Charm collection are perfect for pairing with a Brave Daughters 14k gold Necklace or Bracelet. A perfect chunky or dainty charm strung on your dainty helix gold chain. Going for more color? Add an estate charm to our Debbie Fisher Beaded Necklaces (& double wrapped bracelets)!

Our Top Five Estate Charms

1. Puffy Malachite Heart

This gorgeous striped solid Malachite heart is the perfect earth tone combo for fall wear. We’ll be using its emotional healing power to prepare for cuffing season! It features a 0.5ct Amethyst teardrop and 14k gold.

2. 14k Italian Horn

An adorable solid gold Italian Horn representing protection and luck, as well as style. The Italian 'cornicello' is a talisman and thought to be modeled after an eland's horn or a chili pepper. The cutest amulet if you ask us.

3. 14k Ruby Sunburst

Both subtle texture and beautiful color come with this Ruby set in the middle of a circle of 32 Diamonds. The color in this Ruby is so eye-catching, if the 32 diamonds didn't catch the eye first! Featuring solid 14k gold & 0.16ct weight. Pair with a Ruby Ring or Ruby Charm on your Brave Daughters Forever Jewelry. 

4. 14k Diamond Bunny

We love the feelings this bunny conjures: pastures, snow, holidays. Bunnies, too, represent good luck which is all we want going into the fast changing seasons ahead. Make sure the holidays run smoothly & with plenty of accessories to start a conversation! Features 0.005ct Diamond.

5. 14k Tennis Racket

Not ready for fall? Remind yourself of the summertime and make it look like you've been to Wimbledon once or twice. Pair with a Brave Daughters Chain Necklace or the new Estate Collection’s 14k Tennis Bracelets. Features a 4mm pearl. 

What Charm are you falling for? Open up the Jewelry Box, discover the Estate Collection! Oh, and need somewhere to store the damage from this new jewelry obsession? Take a look out our newly added home decor by Block Design, including gorgeous two-tone glass Catch-All Trays.

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