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NEW DESIGNER: Celine D'Aoust

NEW DESIGNER: Celine D'Aoust

Need some transformative energy in your life? Well, we are excited to introduce our new featured collection from Celine D'Aoust named after creator Celine herself, a trained goldsmith. Her work is inspired by the cities of Jaipur, Paris, and Brussels - and all the shapes and artistry you'll find there.

We handpick each designer carried at Brave Daughters as we search for attention to process and detail, and a certain unnamable quality that makes each piece a keepsake. We want jewelry to be tangible reminder of some special memory or feeling. Each brand complements our in-house collection, allowing for layering and stacking. But they're also special enough to be worn on their own, just like BD.

The Trillion Diamond King Scarab & Sun and Moon Medal Necklaces would make a lustrous and eye-catching pair with any one of our Brave Daughters chokers. Do you prefer Paperclip, Thick Helix, or Thin Helix? Plus add a charm or gemstone to make it truly yours! Mix up your style and make a statement with the meaning behind these symbols: protection from the scarab and intuition from the moon.

Plus, explore their intricate designs like the 14k Cobra Snake Diamond Ring and the Diamond eye and moon ring. Or opt for the adorable Little Dharma's Hang Diamond Charm Hoop Stud and Heart Diamond Ring

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