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Find Your Magic

Find Your Magic
Wearing Your Magic is something we go on about a lot at Brave Daughters.  The idea of objects as a reminder of what you are calling in, a talisman for your subconscious mind. 

But what if you are new to the idea of embodiment, archetypes, intention and magic...

How can one find or uncover their magic?

Allow us to give some suggestions for how to get in touch with your inner witch and connect with your inner intentions.  

We love a journal moment.

Putting pen to paper is a powerful for connecting with your intentions, your subconscious beliefs. Get into it.  I use the Many Moons Journal by Modern Women because I also like to see how my perspectives and moods are in sync with the moon phases. It adds another layer of self-understanding that I find helpful. Try your best to make this a part of your daily practice. “I sure do regret all of that journaling, self reflection and deep introspection I did” said no one ever.

Language is a spell. 

Your words are sacred. Amanda Yates Garcia in her brilliant work  “Initiated: Memoir of a witch” speaks openly and honestly about how living magically and using language intentionally as a spell can bring your desires into the world.  Language is important for magical beings in human shells.  Creating intentional language is the foundation for your magic. Intention affects your beliefs, how you speak, and determines your actions. Language is a catalyst for change.

Try a Tarot Moment.

If you need a prompt to get the creative juices flowing try a single tarot pull. Tarot will always provide the perspective you need in the moment if you allow it. if you are new to Tarot, try to Remain open minded and patient with yourself. Ask your inner self what the card says to you before going to look in the guidebook for the traditional meaning.  This will help build your inner-self trust muscle over time.  Check out some of our favorite tarot and oracle decks here.

Everyone loves a quiz.

We're linking our two favorite quizzes here for discovering your Tarot Archetype and your Power Gem of the moment.  Once you gain some insight into what you're calling uncheck out our Wear Your Magic blogpost here for the HOW and some insights into talismans and objects as reminders.