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BD Sustainability Practices

BD Sustainability Practices
You've heard us talk about how sustainability is important to us, but today we are going to get into the WHY: how our experience in the jewelry industry led us to the slow fashion movement and HOW: what sustainable practices are we using in our business to make sure we are executing responsible production.
We met as designers in the costume jewelry industry about a million years ago (15 years to be exact). During that time we designed fast fashion jewelry for many familiar brands, took sourcing trips to China to shop the markets and spent a lot of time in NY wooing buyers with suitcases of freshly designed product. Season after season we did this and after a time started becoming disenfranchised by the pace and impermanence of it all. Not to mention the rampant pollution and waste caused by the industry as a whole.  

We still loved jewelry, but we wanted it to be slower, more meaningful, an experience to be remembered.

And so, we began our Brave Daughters adventure. We searched out small gem suppliers, lab grown diamond manufacturers, local production companies and jewelry bench workers to help us produce our Forever, Whenever and Custom jewelry pieces. 
We currently work with 3 local chain manufacturers who produce all of our 14kt gold and gold-fill chains. Our hand-cut gems come from a small woman-owned gem house in India. And all of our custom jewelry is finished at a small jewelry studio in Rhode Island.  We only order materials in small quantities to ensure there is no waste and recycle any leftover gold snips locally as well.

Maintaining a low waste shop is as important to us as the pieces we are creating.

We want both our collection and custom pieces to carry the energy of the process used to make them and the story they were made to tell to their new homes.
A delicate reminder to slow down and wear your magic!