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Introducing Our New Candy Gem Necklaces

Introducing Our New Candy Gem Necklaces

Introducing our new candy gem necklaces, we mixed childhood favorites with a dose chic-ness! Our new additions take inspiration from the playful colors of Starburst, Mentos, and Jelly Bean candies to create pieces that are whimsical, stylish, and perfect for summer. Each end of the necklaces have a 14K gold ring connector so that they can be worn with a baby lock or we can add a clasp. You can switch up the look of your necklace, adding a personal touch and making it yours.

The Gemstone Candy Necklace in Jelly Bean is crafted from assorted clear opal rondelles and pearls, creating a mesmerizing blend of colors that are a little more subdued but still evoke the varied hues of jelly beans.

The Gemstone Candy Necklace in Starburst is crafted from assorted clear and candy opal rondelles and pearls. The color combination in this piece is bold and adds a playful touch to any stack. This piece will have you glowing! 

The Gemstone Candy Necklace in Mentos is crafted from opaque opal rondelles and pearls. The gemstones mirror the soft, pastel hues and smooth, rounded shape of Mentos candies. We love that the opalescent colors give a refreshing touch that is perfect for the summer season.

Here are some ways to style these new additions: 

  • Wear these pieces on their own or mix and match them with simple gold or silver chains or a chain with charms. (Even if you have a necklace that is a bit more decorated like a tennis necklace, you can still create a beautiful and cohesive look.)
  • Attach a personalized charm or pendant to the necklace using a baby lock
  • Wear multiple gemstone candy necklaces together for a colorful layered look. 
  • Choose complementary or matching colors when choosing earrings, and bracelets to create a cohesive look. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your style!

One of the reasons we love the candy gem necklaces is their ability to blend fun color combinations with versatile wearability. The ability to customize it with your favorite baby lock adds an extra layer of personalization. Each candy-inspired necklace with its playful colors, somehow matches effortlessly with lots of different outfits and other jewelry pieces. They are a nostalgic reminder of the playfulness of childhood, reimagined for the modern person. The colorful design and quality gemstones make it a standout piece that you’ll reach for again and again!