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Forever Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Welded

Forever Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Welded

At a recent tarot event we hosted at our flagship Providence store, our guide spoke about the power of object and intention. Object being of the material world, things that we can hold in our hands or wear on our wrists, and intention a conscious choice, a decision to do something, or a promise to ourselves and the universe. So much of what we own, even the things we hold dear, are temporary. Our phones, our garments, our jewelry, even our address. It takes intention to make something a permanent part of your life — a promise to keep an object that means something special to you.

This is our approach with forever jewelry, bracelets that we permanently weld around the wrist, adorned with charms or jewels that have meaning and magic. You may have considered getting a piece attached with a group of friends, with a romantic partner, a family member — or maybe you're thinking of doing it solo to commemorate an important date or as a reminder to yourself. The experience is what's important and the commitment we each make with our intentions. It's also just fine if you were scrolling through your TikTok and became fascinated by the latest trend. For us the process doesn't change, simply book and appointment, find a 14kt chain you like best, add some charms or stones, and let one of our expert welders attached it in our shop; it's that easy.

There are still tons of questions that we're regularly asked about the process, maintenance and care, airport metal detectors, or if it the welding process hurts! Here is a breakdown of some the more frequently asked questions:

 Forever braclet on a tatooed wrist

Q: How do I get forever jewelry and how much does it cost?

A: Book and appointment to get welded! It's super easy to reserve a spot at one of our stores in Boston (Seaport), Providence, or at one of our various pop-up locations in RI, MA, CT, or NY. Price depends on the choice of chain, gemstone, or charms and there is a $40 non-refundable deposit to hold your appointment. We accept Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Cash. Check-out our Forever Jewelry Pricing List.


Q: Why would I get a bracelet permanently welded to my wrist?

A: As we mentioned earlier, the power of object and intention is why we sell forever jewelry. Wear your magic! There are also benefits such as convince (you never have to remember to put it on), elegance (once you lose the clasp you never go back), or as a way of sharing or commemorating an experience (we're looking at you, brides-to-be). We've literally asked thousands of people and everyone's reason is unique and personal.


Q: Does the welding or "zapping" process hurt?

A: No. The process is a fun and memorable experience and is painless. We only use experienced welders who take extra care to make sure you won't feel a thing. It's completely safe.

Two hands holdingwearing forever bracelets


Q: Will I be able to get through the metal detectors at the airport or get an MRI if I need one?

 A: You can still sip rosé at 35,000 feet with that glimmer of gold — TSA does not require expensive jewelry to be removed during screening. If you do happen to need surgery, ask that your bracelet be taped. It will likely have to be removed for something like an MRI, which can be done by simply cutting one link on the chain (preferably the jump weld), which we can reattach it after the procedure.


Q: I live an active lifestyle, swimming, rock climbing, etc. Is Forever Jewelry right for me?

A: Of course, and now you can play in style! If you're afraid your bracelet might catch, simply use a piece of athletic tape to secure it to your wrist. Do avoid spending too much time in heavily chlorinated pools, as the chemical can deteriorate the structure of the gold. 

 Forever anklet on ankle

Q: How do I care for my forever jewelry?

A: 14kt chains and gemstones require no cleaning, care, or maintenance. To prolong the life of your jewelry, take care to keep gold fill chains away from perfume, lotions, and aerosols as they wear the gold bond over the brass over time.

Finally, the practice of attaching permanent jewelry is as old as adornments themselves. Recent trends have brought this old wisdom of metallurgy, permanence, the healing power of intention back into the light, which we at Brave Daughters love. The shared experience of getting welded together is a memorable one which can be a metaphor of the unbreakable bond we have with our friends, partners, family, and loved ones. Or getting a bracelet permanently attached can simply be a stylish, elegant, and timeless reminder of each of our own powerful and deep universal energy.