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Shungite Gem Essence Perfume
Shungite Gem Essence Perfume

Shungite Gem Essence Perfume

This is an alcohol based spray, similar to a perfume but with all natural ingredients and essential oils. This allows for a longer lasting scent and higher quality you don’t have to use as often as a water based spray. However, when you try this you’ll be spraying it non-stop trust me. Shungite is a 2 billion year old stone, that in raw form is about 50% fullerenes which are a crystalline form of carbon. It has even been used to clean soil of toxic substances as well as purify water.. It also helps enrich water with beneficial minerals as it consists of nearly all minerals on the periodic table.
It is excellent as a stable force for healing and vacuuming up debris around your energy field. It is great for boosting energy, relieving stress, and protecting against artificial energy sources like EMFs which disrupt our body’s natural resonance. It helps calm and ground us during intense times in our life and bring us back to center. It stabilizes us during times of transformation and helps transmute negative energy. This is an excellent spray for balance and grounding when working with our root chakra.
-Boost energy
-Calm stress & ground during intense times
-Transforms negative energy
-Facilitates root chakra work
-Protect psychically or for energetically sensitive humans to clear energy of others
INGREDIENTS: Distilled grain alcohol, water, & various essential oils (vetiver, cassia, fir, geranium, pine, cedar, cypress)