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Our Story

In 2018, founder Erin Myles had a vision to do things differently. After many years of corporate grind she left her job in the fashion jewelry industry and set out to reconnect with her values of jewelry as a reminder of personal power, conscious consumerism and sustainable production practices.
Brave Daughters was born, now with locations in Providence and Boston.
At Brave Daughters, our vision to bring sustainability, connection and intention back to the jewelry we wear everyday is at the core of what we do. Our jewelry tells a story:  a celebration, milestone, breakthrough, accomplishment, or a reminder of your personal magic. 
We are a women-owned and operated business and we carefully source every chain, charm and gemstone and sustainable material used in our jewelry. We work with our clients to co-create custom pieces that reflect their unique style and remind them to celebrate their journey with all of its ups and downs.
A Brave Daughter is anyone who is following their own path, investing in their personal magic and following their heart.  We're here to create your everyday fine jewelry that serves as a reminder of your magical moments + cosmic connections.
Brave Daughters offers Forever Jewelry: custom-fit, welded, permanent 14kt chains + charms, unique Whenever Jewelry: same custom creation as Forever Jewelry, with a clasp and special occasion custom-made items.