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Why We Designed The Boston Charm

Why We Designed The Boston Charm
You've been loving our brand new array of Pavé Diamond forever jewelry charms! We love to see the local love, which is exactly why we brought you the 14k Boston Charm. We decided to chat with our amazing in-house designer, Margaret, about what designing this meant and what's to come! 
1. What was the inspiration behind the design of this charm?
We love Boston! This beautiful city has been so good to Brave Daughters and we wanted to show some love to our Boston friends with this 14k solid gold charm featuring a beautiful lab grown diamond right in the center. The perfect nod to the city we call home! 
2. How would you style this charm and why? 
This charm looks beautiful nestled in a Thin Helix Bracelet! So much sparkle you'll get sick of the compliments!

3. What would you pair with this charm? Why?
We love a good Bracelet stack! I would pair the BOS charm on the Thin Helix Bracelet with a Thick Helix Bracelet, and a Paperclip Bracelet to make the diamond in this BOS charm really pop! Adding in an Evil Eye Charm or a Jenni Kwon ring would bring your look to the next level!

4. Any hints about future charm drops!?
Valentine's Day is going to be a bang! Otherwise my lips are sealed!