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Scared Of Forever? Zap A Clasp!

Scared Of Forever? Zap A Clasp!

This one's for the commitment–phobes!

If you love the idea of Forever Jewelry but aren’t sure if you're fit for permanence, zap a clasp! The experience is just the same: Visit our studios where you’ll select a chain, get custom fit, add your charms & gemstones, and watch us zap a clasp. All the fun, none of the commitment. 

Custom Fit

We want you to have the power over your jewelry and be able to choose the freedom of removability. This works for any of our necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Plus, we want our jewelry to grow with you. Visit us to zap a clasp onto an existing piece to update and adapt. Or remove a clasp and re–weld to make it Forever. 

p.s. Our Whenever Jewelry (with a clasp) makes a great gift!