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Preparing for the Autumnal Shift

Preparing for the Autumnal Shift
Fall is approaching, and it’s time for the scheduled change up to welcome the new season.

Mindset, space, style. There is always a look to reimagine as your own; fashion evolves, twists, and turns, but there’s more than enough room to make it your own.

Yellow, white, and rose gold, the basics with every opportunity to add on. Walk into the studio greeted by creatives, a push of cool breeze, and a pleasant candle. This fall, we welcome an age of balanced growth and timelessness; the details put into new charms, new shoots, new ideas. From our end to yours, connecting -- you see the jewelry as belonging to the world around you before you see it on yourself, and it becomes your piece alone. The twinkle is going to last, our particular-ness with the finer things in life, the idea of effortlessness in the best ways possible.

Personal style comes from learning about the right things such as jewelry that are going to suit the look you are going for. Back to the basics: you can take into consideration skin tone, is it cool, warm, neutral; consider the shape of the body where you want to add the new accessory, different types of jewelry can complement different shapes. Match your eye color, personality, think about where you want to draw attention. Style to fit, my bracelet, their anklet, his ring, your necklace, pieces shine with each day, a promise to compliment you.

Beautifully and ethically sourced pieces, pieces that can speak for themselves without saying a word. Whatever you choose is going to add to your beauty, it’s dainty, it’s custom. A style decorated with the timeless shine that is Brave Daughters.