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Umé Studios, Meet the Makers

Umé Studios, Meet the Makers


It’s a true joy to find utilitarian items that are beautiful and make the home feel complete. The folks at UMÉ have really found how to do that. UMÉ is a design practice where traditional craft meets contemporary tastes in delicate yet purposeful objects tailored for everyday living.

Victor and Mei-Lan formed UMÉ after years of working together in architectural practices where they discovered a shared design ethos for materiality, craft, and technique leading to design, rather than the prevailing norm of design informing craft and technique.

That same spirit of curiosity, love of fine details, and a willingness to throw out convention, while honoring tradition, informs everything they do today.
We are offering the gorgeous Erode soaps in a variety of fragrances.

The form and function of the Erode soaps work together to add a different kind of beauty to the daily ritual of bathing. Created with an abundance of unique botanicals, antioxidants, mineral rich clays, and skin-nurturing essential oils to cleanse, hydrate and nourish all skin types. Perfect for daily use.

Each Erode Summit is poured and cast by hand. As each batch is unique for each pour, no two are the same.

Brush wet hands or cloth over the soap's surfaces to create, lather, release the aromatic essential oils and reveal the changing slopes.