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Let's Talk Baby Locks

Let's Talk Baby Locks

Whether you're a seasoned jewelry aficionado or new to the trend, we are highlighting our baby locks and why we are obsessed with them! Baby locks are pieces that have become more popular, they are small connectors or clasps that can be used to hold charms, secure chains, and other jewelry pieces. They come in various designs and these accessories are perfect for creating custom jewelry combinations, allowing you to express your style.

We offer a mix of baby lock styles in our studios, starting with simpler designs we have the Oblong Baby Lock, offered with and without a screw closure. If you are looking for something a little more intricate we have a similar style adorned with a pearl screw closure as well as an emerald screw closure. We also carry round baby locks varying in size and chunkiness, some plain solid 14K yellow gold, and others embedded with precious stones such as black diamonds, emeralds, and turquoise. Come into one of our studios and explore the different options to add to a piece already owned or a new one! 

Some fun ways you could style baby locks are:

On a necklace:
Combine different styles, colors, and textures. Mix and match delicate chains with bold statement pieces, a baby lock can seamlessly connect these different styles. On the other hand style your baby lock on a heavier chain with bigger links to create a chic chunky style. Link your chain together using multiple baby locks for a different style as well!

Add charms -  personalize your jewelry by attaching charms to the baby locks. This adds a unique touch and can make your jewelry more meaningful.

All of our baby locks look amazing paired with charms or as a statement on their own!  For some ideas, pair your lock with any charm(s) from our estate collection (link to bd page) and/or a Métier Abalone or Mother of Pearl Initial Pendant.

On a bracelet or anklet:
Combine multiple chains using a baby lock, or use your lock to attach charms or wear it by itself as the statement piece.

The possibilities are endless! Mix and match in any way you can think of, there are many ways to wear a baby lock that fits your style!