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Golden - BD Jewelry Summer Camp

Golden - BD Jewelry Summer Camp

So, what piece of Forever Jewelry are you according to last week’s quiz? That Pomegranate Mojito was my favorite so far! Now, for our final(!) installment of our July Series, we’re teaching you the ins and outs of gold jewelry.

Learn about the difference between gold vermeil, gold plated, gold fill, & solid gold jewelry. And keep on scrolling to find this week’s French 75 bubbly beverage, French Riviera Playlist, & a BD Bingo board for summer fun!

Today’s Lesson:

At Brave Daughters, we offer solid 14k gold (yellow, white, and rose) & 14/20 gold fill chains. 

  • Our Gold Fill link chain features a bonded brass base with a thick 14/20 (14k) gold outer layer. This provides a rich yellow tone. Over years and after contact with oil, dirt, & water, it may patina.
  • Our Thin Helix, Thick Helix, & Paper Clip chains are pure solid 14k gold. It will never fade or lose its tone, whether it be yellow, white, or rose gold.

The 411 on industry jewelry:

While we do not offer gold vermeil or gold plated options, it is helpful to know the difference. 

  • Gold plated is a thin layer (typically less than one micron) of gold over any base metal (think copper or brass).
  • Gold vermeil has a sterling silver base with a thick 2.5 micron layer of gold. 
  • Gold fill, like ours, must include 5% of the total weight of the base metal in gold, resulting in an extremely thick layer mechanically bonded to its base. Gold fill is also more expensive to produce than gold vermeil and gold plated. 
  • Solid gold is a high percentage of pure gold mixed with alloys to make a solid metal; no plating involved.

At BD, all stones and charms are set in solid 14k Yellow & White Gold. & all of our charms can be zapped onto new or existing Forever Jewelry! We can add, remove, & rearrange charms on your chain. 

gold types

Weekly Cocktail Recipe: French 75
4 oz. Fine champagne
1 tsp. Sugar syrup**
2 oz. Dry gin
Lemon juice 
Lemon peel to garnish
*consume alcohol responsibly
**(dissolve 250g of caster sugar in 250ml of hot water)

Let us know your favorite part of Jewelry Summer Camp on Instagram! We’re rolling out the new ‘Golden’ Spotify Playlist. Play it while imagining the French Riviera’s sea breeze and sipping on that French 75. Lastly, our activity is a BD Bingo Board to inspire some summer fun while staying adorned. 

Explore custom Forever Jewelry at a Brave Daughters Studio near you in Boston, Massachusetts & Providence, Rhode Island.