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Get Stoned! - BD Jewelry Summer Camp

Get Stoned! - BD Jewelry Summer Camp

Did you get 11 across? How about 4 down? Hope you all had fun with last blog's BD crossword and word search while sipping that Citrus Zodiac Cocktail! We know last week’s 70s playlist had us grooving at the studios. Moving on to this week: Get Stoned! Not literally, but totally optional. 

Week 2 of Brave Daughters Jewelry Summer Camp is all about our Birthstones & Gemstones. It covers their unique 14k setting method and their stone’s symbolism. Read further to see this week’s exclusive Brave Daughters local city guides and ‘dream rotation’ Spotify playlist. Plus, sip on the new Lavender Lemon Cocktail (we recommend 2 tsp of CBD oil) to get into the spirit.

Today’s Lesson:

All stones and charms are set in solid 14k Yellow & White Gold.

Bezel Setting: Our 14k Birthstone Charms feature a circular bezel setting which compliments each stone. This protects the wearer from any snagging on fabrics. The 14k gold border provides a beautiful contrast between its luster and the stone’s hue. Symbolism: January Garnet (protection), February Amethyst (peace), March Aquamarine (serenity), April Diamond (faith), May Emerald (truth), June Moonstone (luck), July Ruby (love), August Peridot (compassion), September Sapphire (innocence), October Opal (hope), November Citrine (success), & December Turquoise (communication).

Prong Setting: The 14k Gemstone collection includes nested hand cut stones with prong settings. The collection features our Opal, Salt and Pepper Diamond, Ruby Trillion, Green Onyx, and Moonstone. The prong setting emphasizes the beauty of each unique stone. Symbolism: Opal (hope), Salt and Pepper Diamond (uniqueness), Ruby (love), Green Onyx (strength), Moonstone (luck).

*All of our charms can be zapped onto new or existing Forever Jewelry! We can add, remove, & rearrange charms on your chain.

get stoned
Speak Peek of Next Week: You’re A Gem!

Weekly Cocktail Recipe: CBD Lavender Lemon Cocktail
1 cup ice
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
4 oz gin
4 tablespoons Meyer lemon juice
2 teaspoons CBD oil (optional)
2 strips Meyer lemon peel
*consumer alcohol responsibly

Tell us how it tastes over on Instagram! And if you want to elevate your whole smoke set, check out our newly added ‘You’re A Fucking Gem’ Chargeable Lighter, Catch All Tray, & Grinder by Golden Gems.

Stream this week’s Spotify Playlist for ‘dream rotation’ vibes, if you’re smelling what we’re selling. Finally, we’re rolling out an updated Brave Daughters Local Guide for our studio cities: Boston & Providence! Explore Boston or scroll down to Providence. Comment on Instagram your favorite point and your own recommendation.

Explore custom Forever Jewelry at a Brave Daughters Studio near you in Boston, Massachusetts & Providence, Rhode Island.