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Featured Designer: SCOSHA

Featured Designer: SCOSHA


We’re excited to introduce Scosha, one of our new featured collections in our studio headed by designer Scosha Woolridge. The charms, rings, and earrings–given a pop of color–represent a modern heirloom. The pieces contain purposefully placed stones, ranging in colors, hues, & some with birthmarks. Just like pieces from Brave Daughters, Scosha takes pride in their craftsmanship and wants pieces that will speak volumes in the best way while keeping their delicate look. There is care and consideration. Scosha is described as blending the raw with the refined.

At Brave Daughters, each designer is handpicked for attention to process and detail, and a certain unnamable quality that makes each piece a keepsake and a tangible reminder of a special memory. We love how each brand complements our in-house collection, allowing for layering and stacking. But they're also special enough to be worn on their own, just like BD.

Scosha finds the beauty in all types of stones to create an inclusive piece of artistic expression. See our favorite styling positions & more about the inspiration below:

styling scosha jewelry

Stones featured in the Scosha collection:

Diamond: If you look at the face of a diamond you'll see hints of the rainbow. They are loved for their sparkling reflection and can be fitted to bracelets, rings, necklaces…

Sapphire: When people hear sapphire, usually the first image that comes to mind is the blue gem. Although, it comes in many different colors: pink, peach, and when it comes in red, it's known as a ruby!

Scosha draws inspiration from different cultures she has experienced within the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and South America with each expedition revealing the beauty that comes from the Earth.

Emerald: Emeralds were first mined in Ancient Egypt and the gemstone can be found all over the world. Notably, 50% of its production occurs in Colombia. Emeralds are only ever found with its green color, featuring hues from yellow green to deep jade.

Citrine: This gemstone is the color of fall, ranging from yellow to a brownish orange, the name ultimately comes from the Latin word “citrus.”

Turquoise: Turquoise is one of the oldest gems. Its bright color is a symbol of happiness.

Garnet: The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word “granatus,” which translate to pomegranate.

The gems reflect the glimmer that is its setting; each stone cut and shaded with its own original beauty.