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Designer Feature: Debbie Fisher & Styling Beaded Necklaces

Designer Feature: Debbie Fisher & Styling Beaded Necklaces

This week, we're introducing another one of our new specially selected designers: Debbie Fisher. Debbie Fisher is a Brooklyn, NY based jewelry designer using her over 20 years of design experience. She specializes in delicate, dainty, and stackable beaded jewelry. Utilizing gold vermeil and semi-precious stone beads sourced from around the world, Debbie creates her wearable pieces made to enhance your everyday. Further, Fisher emphasizes sustainability by hand-making her pieces and only releases small batch collections to prevent waste.

At Brave Daughters, each designer is handpicked for attention to process and detail, and a certain unnamable quality that makes each piece a keepsake and a tangible reminder of a special memory. We love how each brand complements our in-house collection, allowing for layering and stacking. But they're also special enough to be worn on their own, just like BD.

how to style beaded necklaces

The Fun Part: How to Style Beaded Necklaces!

1. Who says you have to stick to one necklace at a time? Embrace your inner fashion rebel and layer multiple beaded necklaces for a bold and eclectic look. Combine different lengths, colors, and bead sizes to create a visually stunning masterpiece around your neck. Brave Daughters 14k chains are a perfect pair of simple lustrous metals allowing the colorful beads to truly shine. Stack with designer Half United's Clarice chain necklace for a clean look, or add your favorite color bead above their Catherine Pearl Cross Necklace for a curated style. It's like creating a wearable work of art! 

2. Looking to add a touch of whimsy to your beaded necklace? Why not attach some charms? Charms are like little personality boosters for your jewelry. Whether it's a tiny horse, a miniature Italian Horn, or a funky smiley, charms can instantly make your necklace more playful and unique. Stack one or multiple charms to dangle or space them out. Just make sure to choose charms that reflect your own quirks and interests. Check out the Heart & Mushroom charms from Satomi Studio!

3. Think outside the jewelry box and experiment with unconventional bead placement. How about a necklace with beads clustered at the back instead of the front? Or a necklace with beads arranged in a zigzag pattern? Explore options from Debbie Fisher


To start stacking these designs with custom sized Forever Jewelry, visit a Brave Daughters Studio near you in Boston, Massachusetts & Providence, Rhode Island.