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Creating A Forever Ring

Creating A Forever Ring

As popular as our Forever Bracelets are, we can’t get enough of designing chain jewelry for all accessories! That includes necklaces, anklets, and rings. Today, we’re gonna show you the quick steps involved in choosing how to curate your custom-fit Forever Ring. Note, these rings are Forever-ish! Since fingers have an exit point, they can be easily rolled on and off unlike a Forever Bracelet. 

Check out this Reel we made showing the process! There are countless ways to customize your rings including with 14k initial & motif charms, gemstones, and birthstones. Read our blog posts on styling gemstones and choosing charms for inspiration. Reference the steps below for the details.

creating a ring

1. Select Your Chain Type

Feel free to drape each chain over your finger to find the right compliment to your skin tone and achieve the vibe you're going for. Since some chains have large links that make them difficult to perfectly size, we only create rings from our 14k Thin & Thick Helix chains (unless otherwise stated).

Looking for a dainty stacking ring? Opt for our 14k Thin Helix chain in the same or contrasting metal (Yellow, White, & Rose gold). Want a substantial ring as a focal point? Get our 14k Thick Helix chain for a staple piece.

2. Decorate & Commemorate

A welder can lay gemstone & charm options over your finger to find your favorite eye-catcher or a symbol meaningful to you. Our 14k Birthstones & Initials make great signifiers for loved-ones + read about each gemstone’s meaning if you’d like to carry a certain energy. Our 14k Yellow & White Gold Snake motif charm is a bestseller and looks great on a ring!

3. Custom Sized & Welded

Watch as your welder brings your ring to life in minutes! They’ll find the perfect fit and weld off the body until finally having you roll your new ring on. From idea to reality in less than 20 minutes. 

If you’re curious about more possibilities with custom jewelry and rings, read about our Custom Fine Jewelry + submit an inquiry. Here, we consult while combining experience in metalsmithing and design to contribute to your core collection. This includes engagement and wedding bands, anniversary pieces, and more.