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Bringing Intention Into the New Year

Bringing Intention Into the New Year
New Year, New Intentions
Happy 2024! Since the new year has rolled around, we've taken time to curate some intentional collections of jewelry and ritual objects to help you align the energy you need during this fresh start. 

At Brave Daughters, we're always thinking of the symbolism and meaning behind our jewels and designs since our mood is always shaped by what we wear everyday. Carrying special Forever Jewelry or a personal gemstone stays a gentle reminder of what you care about whenever you see your bracelet, necklace, ring, or anklet! Explore our selections to find what'll help you start the year on the right foot.

Protection & Prosperity

Intentional jewelry is in our DNA, here we've curated two of our favorite symbols of protection and prosperity, for adorning your body and keeping all the bad vibes away in the New Year. The Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye are classic motifs that have been used in jewelry for centuries, adding one of these to your jewelry collection is a must for anyone seeking some guidance + protection. We are obsessed with our Estate Hamsa Hand charms, with the hand facing down - these beauties are symbolic of opening up to the abundance and goodness of the universe. 

Renewal & Rejuvenation 

After a crazy year of opening our brand new store in Boston's Seaport, we are certainly in need of some renewal. We've compiled a few of our favorite pieces which make use of the Moon and Scarabs as symbols of renewal, perfect for bringing all the rejuvenating energy into the New Year.

Whether you wear your renewal around your neck, in your lobes or on your fingers these pieces are sure to bring positive energy wherever the new year takes you.

New Year, New You Baby! The Snake is one of our founders favorite symbols of transformation and rebirth, and a favorite motif of all of the Brave Daughters. Slithering around the page are some of our favorite pieces for your home and your body that celebrate this quintessential symbol.
As we coast into 2024, we're re-visiting some of our favorite intentional objects for bringing whatever energy you may need into your home.

This collection consists of unique, one of a kind, meticulously hand-crafted goods, all of which tell a story of their own. Bring any of these beautiful pieces into your space to create your own narrative.

The beautiful Green Abalone Dish, perfect for holding your most special objects, or to adorn the walls of your home.
The Forever Flowers: Cosmos, cosmos are a symbol of tranquility & peace and a much needed reminder that Summer is coming!
Annnnd all of our favorite Particle Goods scents, whether you're looking for a new personal scent or something for your space, these are our favorites for setting the mood.

Timeless Jewelry

The whole Brave Daughters squad has gathered up some of our favorite 14K gold jewelry basics for the new year! Diamonds and Pearls are a BD fave for their timeless elegance, bringing these babes into the New Year is a MUST for any jewelry lover.

From classic studs to pavé diamond hoops, and layering chains. These sparkling pieces are perfect for adding onto (or starting!) your stack in the New Year.

Whether you're creating your dream charm necklace, looking for the perfect ring stack, or building your earring stack - these pieces are sure to become your 2024 (& beyond) staples! 

Intuition with Gemstones

We've collected some of our favorite Moonstone pieces, dripping in 14K gold and looking like candy - these pieces are perfect for setting your intention going into the new year. We're highlighting Moonstone for its intuitive properties, helping you bring oneness into the New Year - a gleaming reminder to listen to that voice we sometimes tend to silence.

From Celine Daoust earrings and our own House Collection pieces - these delicious gems are perfect for wearing your own symbol of your powerful intuition all year long