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4 Reasons To Get Welded at Brave Daughters

4 Reasons To Get Welded at Brave Daughters

As spring is approaching we are getting in the spirit of transition, excited to welcome the new season as we slowly shed the layers of winter. Find us within the buzzing Superette in Boston with great neighbors and vibes to match, or our cozy spot in Providence, Rhode Island! Spring carries the essence of inviting change and fresh perspectives, and one way to get into the spirit is by adding a new jewelry piece to your collection.

Decorated with our exclusive BD wallpaper and curated items, we’ve built a perfect place. With spring comes warmer weather, and different silhouettes and colors come out from our closet, to accompany that, BD offers great pieces to bring into the season! Here are a couple of reasons you should get welded at Brave Daughters:

  1. We’ve been doing this since 2018, our team has made the process quick and easy, you pick out your preferred style(s), we ensure a custom fit, and then we securely weld the piece. Once secured, permanent jewelry is designed to withstand daily wear and it can last a lifetime!  Our jewelry makes an excellent investment for those seeking timeless pieces that can be treasured for years to come.

  2. It's more than just a welding experience, we care about customer service and want it to be an enjoyable process. We’re here to talk, listen, or just offer good vibes! We’ve set the store up so each corner has beautiful finds for you to look through in addition to the welding experience. The store features a display of fine jewelry, one of one, small designers that have created handmade pieces, and we have different lifestyle treats for you or your space! Come talk to us about jewelry, get welded, or find your next piece of home decor. 

  3. We have so many beautiful charm options that you can choose from, at any moment. Our options are perfect to commemorate a special moment, birthday, anniversary, a just because…we offer endless styling options. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or enjoy layering multiple pieces, or multiple charms, there's a wide range of designs to choose from, you can mix and match to create a personalized and unique aesthetic that reflects your style.

  4. We create pieces that are customized to your liking, as polished as our chains look they will never go out of style, it’s low maintenance and comfortable, and we make sure our chains sparkle in the best way. 

Come visit us in our Boston or Providence location, and discover the perfect forever piece to complement your spring wardrobe!