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3 Ways We Love To Mix Metals!

3 Ways We Love To Mix Metals!

Jewelry can be as unique as the person wearing it. Mixing yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold is a great way to express your style and create different looks, adding versatility to your jewelry collection!

At Brave Daughters, timeless style meets modern trends! Whether you’re a fan of gold, silver, or something in between, we have something for you and lots of options to mix and match. Plus, don’t miss out on our special promotion: 20% off on all white gold forever jewelry from 6/1-8/31! Here are three ways we love to mix metals, and how you can incorporate them into your jewelry collection: 

Rings - Consider stacking rings of different metals on one finger or having different metals on different fingers for a chic, modern look. Another styling idea is combining a sleek yellow gold band with a chain white gold ring or having two chain rings of white gold and yellow gold.

Bracelets - Bracelets and bangles are another great way to mix metals. Create a stack that includes a blend of white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold pieces. Wearing bracelets and bangles of varying widths can create an interesting look. If you prefer something more understated, choose bracelets of different metals that are similar in style!

Necklaces - One of the simplest yet beautiful ways to mix metals is by layering necklaces of different hues. The combination can add visual interest and also allow you to showcase multiple favorite pieces at once. Tip: Choose a centerpiece necklace to anchor your look, then layer shorter and longer pieces around it.

The contrasting colors draw attention, and can be tailored to any outfit or occasion! Mixing metals in your jewelry collection can add a fresh, modern twist to your style. You have the choice of starting simple and gradually adding gemstones, motifs, and other charms to further customize your pieces. All summer long we have our White Gold Wasted promotion, offering 20% off all white gold forever jewelry; whether you're adding to your collection or looking for the perfect gift, now is the perfect time to invest in a stunning piece. Visit us in one of our studios in Boston Seaport or Providence, RI!