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Meet The BD Team

Meet The BD Team

Our lovely team has expanded so much this past year and they're truly the best part of Brave Daughters! We take of a lot pride in our collections and strive offer a truly personalized experience with Forever Jewelry. You'll usually see us in both our Seaport & Providence studios. 

Want to know about what makes up our values? Read about our Team Members; we'd love to get to know you too! Chat with us on Instagram or visit the shop! 

Erin, Founder & Creative Director

Virgo Sun | Leo Moon | Taurus Rising

Forever Jewelry Count: 9 pieces and counting- I'll stop adding just before I can't get through TSA.

When I'm not working, I'm elevating my skin care routine, traveling/curating the matching Spotify playlist, and obsessing over my (and other people's) dogs.I have great curbside furniture karma and my retirement dream is to restore an old, decrepit Victorian home.

Margaret, Designer & Production Manager

Taurus Sun | Libra Moon | Scorpio Rising

Forever Jewelry Count: 9 Forever pieces! 6 bracelets and 3 anklets!

I love being creative and collaborating with others to design stunning jewelry. I live for finding tiny treasures on my travels to the ocean or antique shops and fawning over every dog I see. I live in Rhode Island with my beautiful husband, and we can usually be found goofin around on our couch watching trash tv with our 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Liza, Retail Operations Manager

Aries Sun | Aries Moon | Cancer Rising

Forever Jewelry Count: 9, I can't stop...

Internally, they call me ops mami, so you know I love a good spreadsheet. Outside of work I enjoy following my wiener dog Leo around, perusing the fun drink aisle at Whole Foods, and digging through antique stores.


Virginia, Events & Parternships Manager

Pisces Sun | Leo Moon | Aries Rising

Forever Jewelry Count: 7 pieces of forever jewelry!

Ciaoo, I have the incredulous responsibility of throwing fab-u-lous parties here at Brave Daughters. Not only do I enjoy organizing at work but also in my personal life; I am a sucker for all things dinner party- hosting, tabelscapes, party planning, you name it I have a Pinterest board for it. Making in house cappuccinos gets me up in the morning, my amazing friends keep me going during the day, and a killer dessert before dinner makes it all worth it in the end.

Claire, Studio Manager

Cancer Sun | Capricorn Moon | Gemini Rising

Forever Jewelry Count: 11 forever pieces for now ;)

If I'm not in store you can find me laying down watching a good movie, driving my Mazda (Ghost), or shopping for grandpa sweaters to add to my collection. I am a big advocate of little treats and if you catch me with a distant look in my eyes, chances are I'm thinking about lunch.

Dayme, Lead Welder

Capricorn Sun | Virgo Moon | Cancer Rising

Forever Jewelry Count: 7 pieces of Forever jewelry and counting!

I love art and I’m studying to be a jeweler. I love having fun and meaningful conversations with strangers and creating community. I love beef stew!

Nenyasha, Studio Welder

Cancer Sun | Libra Moon | Pisces Rising

Forever Jewelry Count: 5 pieces of Forever Jewelry (3 bracelets, 2 rings)

I love to create things for my brand, 8th Flair, when I'm not creating I'm probably watching something, writing, or on my phone. I would describe myself as an organized mess, in the best way - three things I love in no certain order are horror movies, health and wellness, and passion fruit.

Anyssa, Studio Welder

Scorpio Sun | Scorpio Moon | Scorpio Rising

Forever Jewelry Count: 5 pieces!

I am an esthetician. I enjoy all things beauty related, fitness is a big part of my life, the beach is my favorite place and I love dogs and cooking.


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